About us

More than a passion, it’s a lifestyle

Together for the love of skiing

Our work is the most beautiful in the world and we have been doing it, in the Upper Susa Valley, on the Vialattea ski area, with great passion for almost forty years.

Our ski and snowboard instructors, some former national athletes, attend refresher courses every year, speak at least two languages ​​and have great experience even with the little ones. Seriousness, enthusiasm and passion are our strengths seasoned with a large amount of adaptability because every day we have to deal with various types of customers, from the beginner child, to the athlete, to the expert skier who asks to improve his technique by Freeride.
There are many possibilities that we can offer you to learn this sport, from the individual course to group lessons, to the Racing formula, our Director and our secretariat will be able to advise you on the lesson that will best suit you. We love this sport that makes us free, that excites us and makes us grow, gives us unique experiences and we can't wait to spend unique moments with you too, see you on the slopes ... have a nice day!

Our THANKS go to every one of you, together with the promise that we are going to grow even more, while maintaining the highest quality standards, in order to live up to your expectations and be worthy of the prestigious Vialattea name.

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